Financial Services

Accounting Systems Management

We facilitate the installation of management and financial accounting systems that provides critical information for business decision-making. Our choice accounting systems are compliant with both local and international regulations and reporting requirements. We encourage you to allow us to take care of this important aspect of your firm while you focus on your core business operations.

Corporate Financial

We work side-by-side with clients, creating solutions that are tailored to help institutions, corporations, business owners grow value over time. Our clients have direct access to specialized expertise that are customized to meet their needs and challenges that go with industry and market cycles. Herein, we offer the following services: financial and cash flow analysis, investment appraisal, risk analysis, portfolio and debt management, tax administration, and many more.

Payroll Management

We understand the intricacies of delivering dedicated payroll solutions in various sectors, locations, and currencies. Our team of experienced professionals will provide your firm with an efficient and reliable solution and management of employees’ wages and salaries. Our services in this regard include payroll processing, annual declarations, payslip distribution, payroll audit etc.

Pension and Annuities Advisory

Based on our in-depth knowledge of pensions and annuities, we provide our clients tailored advisories on suitable pension plans for staff. We also produce periodic pension and annuity reports with actionable insights for management decision making. Our focus is to add value to employees life by ensuring that staff of our clients are guaranteed income payable for life or a pre-set number of years.

Non-Financial Services

Project Management,
Monitoring and Evaluation

We are well-positioned to lead and manage your team towards the timely achievement of set project goals as we retain consultants who are certified project managers with functional experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. We are also experts in the design and implementation of gender-sensitive and tech-driven monitoring and evaluation systems that support the delivery of project goals. Herein, we carry out program-wide data collection, periodic evaluations, and impact assessments.

Capacity Development
and Training

We offer a range of training and capacity building courses to meet the needs of clients and partners in Nigeria and beyond. Our training modules are designed to transform employees and encourage retention, dedication, and overall improvement in functional responsibilities. We offer training in leadership, corporate governance, finance and accounting management, business operational management, monitoring and evaluation, project management, etc.

Human Resources Management

Our human resources division provides clients with HR solutions that align with their peculiar organizational and business objectives. We provide consultative support and partnerships on human resources, we help formulate policy options, workforce management, payroll management. We help rethink traditional HR approaches in organizations by innovating new objectives and priorities that align with each clientele goals, mission, and mandate.

Business Development Services

We provide comprehensive business performance improvement solutions for micro, small, medium, and large enterprises and corporate establishments. Our solutions cover all aspects of organizational performance improvement and structure including governance, administration, human resources, financial management, business operations, etc. Our goal is to ensure that each enterprise or firm grows sustainably from one level to another, for example from micro to small, from small to medium etc.

Organizational Development

We support non-profit organizations, public and private institutions to develop and refine their identity (vision, mission, core values), organizational culture, and strategic plans (short-, medium-, and long-term strategic plans). We also provide team building and change management support services, training and coaching for organization leaders, top executives, and board members to improve their effectiveness.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We have an array of experts that deliver customized solutions across sectors under sell-side advisory, corporate divestitures or buy-side advisory. Our mergers and acquisition services support entrepreneurs, financial sponsors, and large corporations by providing creative and sophisticated solutions that maximize corporate value and growth.